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Grooming and Trimming

Wings of the World offers complimentary 

grooming services by appointment. Please call to check availability.

  • Wings

  • Beak

  • Nails 


We provide year-round boarding by appointment. The per. night cost varies by species and includes:

  • Grooming upon request

  • House seed blend & daily offering of fresh foods

  • Regular handling upon request


To ensure that health and safety of both you and your bird please be sure to have the following requirements met:

  • An annual veterinary check for general wellness. Please provide copy of your records to include with a signed Annual Boarding Release.

  • Your bird must be tested for Psittacosis. This test can be done via your veterinary clinic; allow 2-3 weeks for test results. We will retain a copy of the negative test results.
    • For more information about Psittacosis click here.​
Adult male pretty cockatiel on a blue ba
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