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Closing Date

On August 23, 2023

 We will be closing our

brick & mortar shop. 

We hope you will join us

for our last in-person

Customer Appreciation Day

Saturday August 12th!

We will be celebrating over

37 years of support from our wonderful avian friends

& their families.

Different but still Available

Our phone contact info & 

website will stay the same.

You will still have access to:

  • Our custom seed blends

  • In-person grooming 

  • Consultation & help

Please stay tuned for more detailed updates as we transition to mobile &

online services.

 Boarding Services



Your favorite boarding services provided by part of our Wings family in a new Bothell Location.

Help us welcome Kat & Jay

and Mochi's Treehouse

in September!



Boarding will now be overseen by Kat and Jay Wilkes at their newly renovated. We feel strongly that Mochi’s Treehouse is the perfect location to continue the Wings of the World boarding.

Mochi’s Treehouse LLC located in Bothell. Kat has been caring for your birds

as a volunteer for years. Now, she and her husband and partner are the proud owners of Mochi’s Treehouse LLC. We will be supporting them through this transition by being on site with their team.


For reservations visit www.mochi’ or call 425-418-6446.

Wings of the World would like to invite you to visit Kat and Jay.

To ensure that you do, for the month of September Wings of the World will be

offering complimentary grooming at Mochi’s Treehouse.

Wings is still here for you.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Custom blend seed mixes by delivery or mail

  •  In person grooming services by appointment

  •  Consultations

  •  Our website will still be the same 

  •  Our phone number will still be the same:


Joan and Ron will still be available to help with your bird’s needs.

We would like to thank all of our loyal and valued customers for the years of support and for being part of this amazing community.


Wings of the World is having one last Customer Appreciation day, Saturday, August 12th from 11am-4pm.

Please join us to say farewell to this location but remember, it’s not a good-bye.


We are looking forward to fulfilling your feathered friend’s needs, now and in the future.

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