Vitamins are an important supplement to your bird's health. We recommend a daily dose of a broad spectrum vitamin. However, if you have an African Grey, we also recommend that you use also use a calcium supplement to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vitamins are designed to provide well being, promote good quality feather growth, stabilize moods, and boost the immune system. Like people, most all birds can benefit by having vitamins as part of their daily intake.
Avi-Immune Immunity Booster Supplement
Aviagra Proven Fertility Supplement
AviBios Lactobacillus and other Probiotics
AviCalm Calming Supplement
Avi-Cal Plus Fortified Calcium Supplement
AviGain Weight Additive Supplement
AviGlo 100% Organic Red Dende Palm Oil
AviPow Potent Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial
AviVera Soothing Aloe Vera Spray
AviVita Gold High-Potency Vitamin Mix
AviVita Plus Premium Daily Maintenance Multivitamin
Cal-D-Solve Calcium/Magnesium
ElectroVites+ Electrolyte Powder
Featheriffic! Superior Feather Conditioning Supplement
Feather In Anti-Pick Treatment for dry or irritated skin