Seed Blends
All of our seed blends were developed over time with your bird in mind. Only the best quality, preservative free seeds are used in our mixtures and all of the diced and whole fruits are of human grade. Pellets used in most of the mixtures are made with ZuPreem and/or Pretty Bird pellets for birds. Custom blend requests are welcome both for store pick up and shipping. Give us at least three days notice for a custom blend order for store pick up.
70/30 Blend
Almond Blend Parrot
Canary Blend
Cockatiel Fruit & Veggie
Conure and Lovebird Blend
Deluxe Macaw Cockatoo
Finch Blend
House Blend - Cockatiel
House Blend Parrot
Licorice Blend Parrot
Licorice Conure/Cockatiel
Macaw Cockatoo Blend
Millet Sprays
Orange Blend Parrot
Orange Conure/Cockatiel
Parakeet Blend
Rainforest Blend
Small Hookbill Blend
Large Hookbill Blend