Rope Perches
All birds need the ability to flex and stretch their feet. Choosing the correct perches will help ensure good health for your bird by providing a variety of sizes and lengths . Select from chewable calcium to the most durable Manzanita branches.
1" x 18" Inch Rope Perch
1" x 24" Rope Perch
1" x 36" Rope Perch
1/2" x 18" Straight Rope Perch
1/2" x 24" Straight Rope Perch
1/2" x 36" Straight Rope Perch
3/4 Inch Bungie Rope Swing
3/4" x 18" Rope Perch
3/4" x 24" Rope Perch
3/4" x 32" Rope Perch
Extra Small Spiral Rope Swing
Large Spiral Rope Swing (Bungie)
Medium Spiral Rope Swing (Bungie)
X-Large Straight Rope Perch - 24"
X-Large Straight Perch - 36"
X-Large Straight Rope Perch - 48"