The People of Wings of the World

Malcolm's passion for animals began at an early age and extended into adulthood. Opening Wings of the World in 1986 fulfilled his long time dream. When the first location was destroyed by fire, the original full line pet store evolved into a specialty exotic bird store. His background in zoology and biochemistry and his outstanding exotic bird knowledge helped to establish Wings of the World as a premier resource for bird keeping and care. Malcolm's enthusiasm for exotic birds and their care has helped to provide our customers with information for the care and needs of their pet birds.


Joan's diverse work background and diverse education has helped to provide quality customer service and a strong contribution to the care of animals. She has a strong work history in, marketing and event planning in her former work life. While working in her “day” job, Joan has always actively participated in the Wings of the World business. Her passion for animals and love of birds has helped develop a loyal following. Her Master’s capstone/thesis dealt with bird breeding in the United States and the current CITES laws as they pertain to bird breeders.


Lauren grew up with Wings of the World. As a small child of three, she not only helped service customers in the store, but had a natural aptitude for caring for animals. She has been able to hand feed baby birds at a young age, learned to properly groom birds, and successfully understood the needs of different species of birds and other animals. After school, Lauren would diligently be involved in caring for the animals. Throughout her high school and college years, she has maintained a connection with the store. Although she is currently working in a veterinary clinic far from the Bothell, Washington's home base, she is still a strong contributor to the business by answering your bird care questions via email.


Ron, like the rest of the team, is passionate about birds. His breeder and pet conures of various species are a testament to his knowledge and ability for the care and preservation of bird species. His knowledge about birds also extends to birds of prey. Besides being an exotic bird fancier and wild birder, Ron is a licensed falconer and currently has a falcon. Ron's exemplary customer service helps to support the needs of our customers by being compassionate and aware of their needs as well as the needs of their birds.