About Wings of the World

Wings of the World began in 1986 in Kirkland, Washington as a full line Pet Store. Although all types of animals were sold, we specialized in hand fed exotic birds. We bred, hand-fed, and raised several different species of parrots. In 1994, a fire, which was started in the restaurant next door, destroyed the building as well as killing all the animals. Some of which included some of our own pets. As devastating as it was, we opened a new store just 6 weeks later. This was only due to the help of the merchants of the city of Kirkland and others who rallied and helped financially through donations. Unfortunately, there was no affordable retail space available in Kirkland at the time, and we had to open a new location in Bothell.

Before relocating, we made a decision to streamline and do what we think we do best - birds. Through the 9 1/2 years that we have been at our Bothell location, we have hand-fed and raised a wide variety of exotic parrots. We offer custom blend foods as well as complimentary bird grooming.

In April 2003 we moved to our current location ( a little north of the old one) 18108 - 102nd Ave. N.E. in Downtown Bothell. We now offer our customers and their bird friends better parking facilities, 3 times the store space, more customized and blended foods, and a place that everyone can sit and congregate without feeling claustrophobic. Stop by and visit!

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